Biometric Time & Attendance


MANSOFT On-Demand Time and Attendance solution helps automate your time consuming, time tracking related processes; from employee’s time hours worked to exporting data into your payroll system.

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Service features

Take a look at these awesome features we provide. More will be added in the future.

  • Payroll Integration

    Supports hours integration to any payroll system. The MANHOUR system also comes along with a payroll system successfully used in many African countries.

  • Deployment Options

    Will read your biometric clock directly via the web server feature and customize all your specific needs including remote upload via router device. Use of USB download can also be made

  • Granding Clocks

    All kinds of Granding Clocks are fully complaint. MANHOUR will access the devices directly and integrate hours (Regular, OT, Absence, etc) to your HR/Payroll system or to any other legacy ERP.

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Biometric Time & Attendance